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There is a light and dark side to a person, one represents your optimism and hopefulness, while the other lingers in your doubts and fears. Both persist in conflict, maintaining the constant balance to be healthy. Your light side generally prevails, but what if your dark side finally wins...

This was a short game made in a 48 hour game jam at Warwick Game Design Society. This is an improved version with a few extra days of work added for itch.io upload. I worked with two other people with the theme "Reflections". This game requires two players to battle, unless you just want to view the small endings. It's a 2D platformer fighter, where two players with different objectives are opposing each other in battle, and victory of one can change the outcome entirely.

Install instructions

(For Windows) After downloading, extract the .zip file. Then, inside the folder just run (Double-Click) the executable to play the game.

(For Mac) After downloading, extract the .zip file and run (Double-Click) the .app file to play the game.

(For Linux) After downloading, extract the .zip file and then run (Double-Click) the .x86_64 file.

I haven't tested the Mac or Linux builds so let me know if there's something wrong/missing.


Reflection (64-bit).zip 25 MB
Reflection (32-bit).zip 22 MB
Reflection (Mac).app.zip 26 MB
Reflection (Linux 64-bit).zip 29 MB

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